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Dance Studio

Viktoria Umjarova

Works in the Show Agency Galaxy
since its founding.

1987-1989 Youth dance studio Laboratory pulses (break dance, show dance).
1988 Laureate of the festival Modern Tants (Estonia).
1990-1991 winner of the International Festival of Contemporary Dance "White Dog" (Vitebsk).
1991-1995 Touring.
2002 Work shop Romeo Galajan (USA), Jamie (USA).
1995-2004 Main dancer in all dance shows of the Galaxy S.A.
2006 Participated in the conference Fitness Less Miles.
Since 2004 dance instructor in the dance studio show agency Galaxy.


Dmitri Kruus

Works in the Show Agency Galaxy
since its founding.

1988 Graduated from hip-hop, break dance in the youth dance studio "Laboratory Pulses".
1991 Laureate of the Festival of Contemporary Dance "White Dog".
1994-1996 study in the dance theatre and participate in the dance theatre projects "Fine Five".
1998 a joint project with the Pal Frenak contemporary (France).
Since 1998 working like an artist of original genre - Juggler.
2007 - 2nd Prize IFMC.
Since 2006 leading choreographer-director of the Galaxy S.A.


Dmitri Isaev

Finished in 1995 Tallinn ballet school, dancer.

1989-1991 Folklor Dance School.
1995-2000 Estonian National Opera, dancer.
2000-2003 Folklor show group "Rada", dancer.
2003-2005 Estonian Dance agency, dancer.
2005-2009 Show agency Galaxy (job in Tallink boats), dancer.


Roman Tsikvarov

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